Saint Louis University Partners with Benbria to Unveil an Innovative Campus Feedback Solution

Ottawa, ON, October 4, 2023 – Benbria, a leading provider of campus communication and feedback solutions, is thrilled to announce its strategic partnership with Saint Louis University (SLU), a renowned institution committed to academic excellence and student satisfaction. This collaboration aims to revolutionize the way students, faculty, and staff communicate, enabling SLU to enhance the overall campus experience through data-driven decision making.

As a testament to its unwavering commitment to delivering the best possible experience for its community members, Saint Louis University has teamed up with Benbria to launch a cutting-edge Campus Feedback Solution. This innovative platform will empower SLU to gather real-time feedback from students, faculty, and staff, enabling the university to make informed decisions that enhance campus life and academic excellence.

“At Benbria, we are dedicated to creating meaningful connections and improving experiences through technology,” said Sandra Holland, Director of Marketing at Benbria. “Partnering with Saint Louis University on the Campus Experience Program aligns perfectly with our mission, as we believe that effective communication and engagement are crucial to fostering a vibrant and inclusive campus community.”

“We are excited to work alongside Benbria to create an even more dynamic and student-centered campus environment,” said Ben Perlman, Assistant Vice President of Student Engagement at Saint Louis University.

Through this collaboration, Benbria will work closely with SLU to implement a range of advanced communication tools designed to bridge the gap between students, faculty, staff, and administrators. The program will feature closed loop feedback allowing students, faculty and staff to provide real-time feedback on various aspects of campus life, including facilities, services, events, and academic resources.

Perlman expressed his enthusiasm about this partnership, stating, “We believe that the key to improving our university lies in listening to the voices of our students, faculty, and staff. With Benbria’s expertise and their Campus Feedback Solution, we will have the tools to capture valuable insights and drive positive change on our campus.”

This partnership reflects Saint Louis University’s dedication to creating an inclusive and innovative educational environment, fostering open communication, and continually improving its campus for all who study and work there.

Benbria’s CEO, Jordan Parsons, shared his excitement about the collaboration, stating, “We are honoured to partner with Saint Louis University in their mission to enhance the campus experience. Using the Loop Experience Platform will empower SLU to engage with its community effectively and drive positive change based on valuable insights.”

Saint Louis University and Benbria look forward to rolling out this solution across the campus, further solidifying SLU’s commitment to delivering excellence in higher education and ensuring the satisfaction and success of its students, faculty, and staff.


About Saint Louis University

Founded in 1818, Saint Louis University is one of the nation’s oldest and most prestigious Catholic institutions. Rooted in Jesuit values and its pioneering history as the first university west of the Mississippi River, SLU offers more than 13,500 students a rigorous, transformative education of the whole person. At the core of the University’s diverse community of scholars is SLU’s service-focused mission, which challenges and prepares students to make the world a better, more just place.

About Benbria

Benbria is a leading provider of campus communication and feedback solutions. Its platform empowers organizations to foster open, transparent communication, and gather valuable feedback from their communities. Benbria’s solutions are designed to enhance the overall experience for students, faculty, staff, and visitors by providing the tools needed to create a more engaging and responsive environment.


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