Benbria’s Loop Guest Engagement Solution Now Integrates with Over 60 Hotel Property Management Systems

Loop® can now integrate with a wider variety of systems and hotels globally

Ottawa, Ontario – May 13, 2016 – Benbria® is pleased to announce that its multi-award winning Loop® Mobile Guest Engagement solution can now be integrated with over 60 different property management systems (PMS). The announcement means that more hotels than ever across the globe can engage with their guests on the Loop messaging product using personalized and timely invitations.

The solution’s ability to seamlessly integrate with a hotel’s PMS solution allows Loop to automatically send messages to the guest’s personal mobile device at key moments during their stay. When a guest is checked into the hotel, hoteliers can send a timed message via SMS or e-mail to welcome them to the hotel, ask for feedback on the check-in process, or open a conversation with dedicated staff to share a compliment, express a concern, or make a request. After a standard event, the hotelier uses the Loop client portal to indicate when they wish to send a message, as well as what the message should say. When such an event is recorded within the PMS, the Loop integration takes over and automatically begins engaging the guest accordingly.

In addition to timed events, the integration means that guests can receive a highly personalized experience using Loop. Key information such as the name of the guest, room number, details of their stay, loyalty status, and related information can be used to personalize the initial outreach without the need for manual entry from staff or cumbersome file exporting and uploading.

“This is a major benefit for Loop customers,” said Andrea Baptiste, CEO at Benbria. “The PMS technology market within hospitality is a highly fragmented one. This makes automation a challenge, as there are so many different systems to integrate with. As a company continuously striving to make our product more globally accessible for clients, this achievement means every hotelier can benefit from a higher level of engagement with their guests regardless of the PMS solution they have in place.”

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