Benbria® to Present an Omni-channel Guest Experience at HITEC 2018.

Unique experiential booth will demonstrate how hoteliers can measure the guest experience and engage with them across multiple channels, on a single platform.


Ottawa, Canada, June 13th, 2018 – Benbria®, the leading provider of omni-channel guest experience measurement and engagement solutions, announced today that its booth at this year’s HITEC in Houston will consist of a virtual hotel where attendees can engage as a hotel guest, across multiple interactive displays. These displays will present the guest experience of the future – where they can engage in real-time across multiple touchpoints and devices, provide feedback on their experience in-the-moment, and be recovered in real-time should the experience not meet the guest’s expectations.

Visitors to booth #1845 at the 2018 Hospitality Industry Technology Exposition & Conference will be able to engage with the Loop® platform’s unified guest messaging, order request, and experience measurement platform across multiple channels – including on-site kiosks, branded hotel apps, messaging platforms like Facebook and Twitter, SMS text, Web sites, and emerging in-room voice technologies like Amazon’s Alexa.

“This year, we wanted to create a unique booth that truly demonstrates the guest experience we can deliver”, commented James Geneau, VP of Marketing at Benbria. “As such, we took a very different approach to how we are showcasing the Loop® platform, by literally creating a fully connected omni-channel hotel experience on the trade show floor attendees can discover from both the guest and hotel staff perspective. Attendees will be able to interact across multiple channels and literally experience the guest-facing and hotel staff-facing experience in real-time, as they would at one of our existing clients”.

Further, Benbria will be highlighting the openness of their platform and its ability to embed and integrate with multiple guest-facing and back-end solutions – both commercial and proprietary. In particular, the company will be showcasing Criton®, a self-service app solution from the UK which can seamlessly embed messaging and ordering from Loop into an affordable and easy to maintain guest-facing hotel branded app. They will also be showing their ability to include in-room voice devices like Amazon’s Alexa to deliver a unique guest experience connected to a single platform.

“We’ve created one of the most open solutions for hoteliers to build a truly omni-channel guest experience” noted Jordan Parsons, CEO of Benbria. “The combination of our SDK and various APIs, along with a growing network of integration partners delivering CRM, PMS and SOS services, means greater flexibility and scalability for hotel technology leaders. Our platform can be the backbone of both a guest experience measurement and messaging-focused engagement solution that can be easily customized to any hotel’s unique use case”.

During the next two weeks, Benbria will also re-brand itself on social media as “The Grand Hotel Houston”, the virtual hotel on display at HITEC 2018. Offering a website with messaging, texting, a dedicated hotel app, an in-room Amazon Alexa device connected to Loop, along with multiple messaging apps tied to the experience, the virtual hotel on display will showcase the creativity and flexibility the platform offers hospitality technology leaders.

For HITEC attendees interested in learning more about the booth and scheduling a private VIP Tour, they can do so by visiting, send a text message to +1-(613)-900-5856, or send a direct message via Facebook or Twitter.

About Benbria®

Benbria is a leader in omni-channel customer experience measurement and engagement solutions, helping the world’s most customer-centric brands deliver a superior experience that goes above and beyond their competitors. Using a variety of mobile, online, and on-property technologies – including SMS, email, web, in-app and messaging channels, as well as kiosks – the company’s Loop® platform enables brands to capture real-time insights into the customer experience as well as message with them to engage or recover. The platform also directs this real-time customer feedback, requests, concerns, suggestions, and positive input to the right team members to deliver a timely and informed response.

With over 1,400 client locations in 20 countries and a network of over 10 global sales partners, Benbria offers both global reach and local expertise within multiple markets and verticals. For more information, visit

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