Benbria Reveals New Guest Messaging Solution for Hospitality

Loop Messenger™ and OnDemand™ products combine real-time guest messaging with faster menu-driven ordering.

Ottawa, Ontario – June 20, 2016 – Benbria® officially launched its new Loop Messenger™ and Loop OnDemand™ product suite for mobile guest engagement today. This streamlined, two-way messaging solution facilitates communication between guests and hotels, while its new menu-driven ordering feature makes requesting products and services simple for the guest.

Loop Messenger™
Loop Messenger™ is a next generation real-time guest engagement solution for the hotel designed to look and feel like commonly-used messaging and text applications. The new guest-facing interface can be accessed via SMS text, e-mail, or web browser.

“Our new design for Loop Messenger™ is about simplicity and familiarity,” said Ronald Richardson, VP of Product and Co-founder at Benbria. “With Loop Messenger™, guests can share a compliment or concern and have a two-way dialogue with their hotel in the same familiar manner they would with a friend or family member through their personal device. For the hotel, our user-friendly inbox and reporting tools remain essential features that allow the hotelier to efficiently communicate with guests and identify opportunities to improve operations.”

Loop OnDemand™
Loop OnDemand™ offers the guest a menu-based selection of frequently-requested items from within the Loop Messenger™ experience. The guest can quickly order from a list of various amenities or services and indicate the desired quantity or delivery time. All requests are instantly tagged and routed via Loop Messenger to the appropriate hotel staff member for fulfillment.

“Our research into the hospitality market has shown us some realities around messaging and hotel operations,” commented James Geneau, Head of Marketing at Benbria. “Today’s hotel guest wants easy access and quick fulfillment of requests using their personal mobile device. Unfortunately, hoteliers have struggled with balancing staff availability and consistency of experience using traditional guest messaging solutions. Loop OnDemand™ solves this problem by simplifying and standardizing the most common requests, and auto-routing them to the appropriate resource without the intervention of a human operator.”

Loop OnDemand™ is designed to deliver frequently-requested items faster and more profitably. It can be used on its own or fully integrated into a property’s service order or ticketing system. Commonly-requested items, such as room amenities and basic services, can be accessed with a few simple clicks on the guest’s personal mobile device. Requests are instantly routed to the appropriate staff member and take less time to fulfill. Furthermore, auto-routing and integration with service order systems means more staff time can be spent servicing the need, as opposed to taking orders. The menu is fully customizable and tailored to the services and amenities of the hotel.

“We believe this is the perfect balance for delivering a superior guest experience using mobile technology,” said Andrea Baptiste, CEO at Benbria. “Technology should enhance the experience, not complicate it. With Loop OnDemand™, we are meeting the needs of today’s guest, who demands faster access to the things they want, when they want them. By automating the most commonly-requested items, we are making it possible for hotel staff to fulfill them consistently and efficiently. As a result, hotel staff have more time to manage a guest’s special requests, compliments, and concerns.  This is where Loop Messenger™  comes into play — it allows a guest to use their mobile device to have a meaningful, one-on-one connection with hotel staff for things that can’t be automated.”

Hoteliers can see a live demonstration at this week’s HITEC Conference inside the Mitel Pavilion (Booth #1425) from June 20 to 23, and at the Benbria showcase booth at HSMAI’s Revenue Optimization Conference on June 22 in New Orleans.

About Benbria 
Loop® by Benbria Corporation is a mobile messaging and engagement solution that helps brands to enhance the customer experience. Leveraging the customer’s preferred choice of communications – texting, web chat, native app, email and kiosk – Loop® allows customers to communicate directly with a brand to make requests, resolve issues, and share their experience before, during, and after their visit. Closing the loop through on-the-spot staff action helps brands to improve customer satisfaction, save at-risk customers, increase revenue, and drive repeat business. For more information, visit