Benbria Introduces BlazeLoop to Deliver On-the-Spot Mobile Customer Engagement

BlazeLoop Enables Businesses to Recover At-Risk Customers, Increase In-Store Sales Conversion Rates and Improve Front-line Operations through Real-Time Customer Engagement

Ottawa, Ontario – Nov. 14, 2012 – Benbria, the mobile customer engagement company, today announced BlazeLoop® CE (customer engagement) for the retail, hospitality, finance, banking and fast-casual restaurant industries.

BlazeLoop provides a one-to-one connection between customers and staff, but is fundamentally different in style, speed, engagement and benefit from traditionally deployed feedback tools including surveys and website forms.

Through a variety of mobile, online and in-store collection points – including web app, SMS/text, email, mobile app or kiosk – BlazeLoop gives businesses a better understanding into the quality of the customer experience at the point-of-engagement.

Using intuitive and interactive interfaces, BlazeLoop enables customers to conveniently provide on-the-spot feedback to businesses in a matter of seconds.  Real-time notifications alert front-line managers of customer issues, enabling them to contact the customer straight away and privately resolve issues before customers have a chance to leave the site dissatisfied or socialize their experiences publicly via word-of-mouth and social media.

“Unlike post-visit surveys, BlazeLoop gives us instant visibility into our guests’ satisfaction or dissatisfaction, allowing us to address their requests and concerns while they are on our property,” said Patrice Basille, Executive Vice President at the Brookstreet Hotel, one of Ottawa’s finest hotels. “Our customers are more mobile than ever before and Benbria’s on-the-spot guest feedback helps us improve our operations by fixing issues when they happen, enhancing the guests’ experiences during their stay, and provides us real-time insight to give the next guests the experiences they expect and we strive to deliver.”

With an increasing number of consumers sharing their experiences on social media and other mobile channels, this feedback is not visible to the front-line managers who could use it to fix issues as they happen and better engage with their customers on-the-spot. By immediately acting on issues, businesses can win over at-risk customers, improve in-store sales conversion rates, reduce negative publicity and – on the plus side — recognize and reward a positive experience that surpassed what was expected.

Recover At-Risk Customers
Dissatisfied customers will rarely approach an employee face-to-face to complain about their issues. Instead, they will often share their experiences via social media and word of mouth, or remain silent and go to a competitor, leaving businesses unaware of their concerns, with very little chance of winning them back.

“Benbria helps businesses adapt quickly to a real-time world where on-the-spot feedback is necessary to improve daily business operations and customer relations,” said Benbria CEO Andrea Baptiste, “BlazeLoop captures customer feedback so staff preemptively react to negative commentary before it is publicly socialized. This drives operational excellence by turning customers into native brand advocates built upon great customer experiences that turn into repeat business and referral opportunities.”

Increase In-Store Sales Conversion Rates
Retailers often struggle with low sales conversion rates and why patrons walk out without making a purchase. BlazeLoop helps companies capture customer feedback on the last three feet of the sale by intelligently directing the customer insight or concern to front-line staff so they can that can engage and resolve customer issues in real-time.  Benbria made possible an 18 percent rise in sales for a Fortune 1000 customer by providing the business the ability to immediately see, act and close on customer-facing issues.

Point of Engagement Metrics
BlazeLoop delivers powerful point-of-engagement analytics on the customer experience that are centrally tracked and available in real-time reports to all levels of management. Leveraging unique key performance indicators of revenue, business operations and conversion, BlazeLoop quantifies and measures the customer experience based on its impact to company objectives. Opportunities for improvement are identified which can enhance brand reputation management, customer service and front-line operations.

About Benbria
Benbria is a leader in mobile customer engagement solutions for retail, hospitality, financial and fast casual restaurant customers. Benbria is passionate about building technology that connects businesses with the people they serve. Real-time notifications alert front-line managers of customer issues, enabling them to privately resolve issues before customers have a chance to leave the site dissatisfied or socialize their experiences publicly via word-of-mouth and social media. By immediately acting on issues, companies can increase revenue by fixing points of failure in the business, win over at-risk customers, increase repeat business and improve in-store sales conversion rates. For more information visit:


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