Benbria Exhibits Loop Mobile Shopper Engagement at NRF 2014

Omnichannel shopper engagement enables retailers to increase in-store sales conversions, improve business operations and create a more personalized in-store shopping experience

New York – January 13, 2014 – Benbria®, the leader in omnichannel customer engagement solutions, today announced that it will be exhibiting at the National Retail Federation’s (NRF) 103rd Annual Convention & EXPO in the Motorola Solutions Booth (#1501). Benbria will demonstrate its Loop™ Mobile Shopping Engagement solution on Motorola’s MC40 enterprise mobile computer and ET1 enterprise tablet. Loop allows shoppers to quickly request assistance, pickup an online order in store and send comments and suggestions to associates with mobile devices that can be acted upon in real time. NRF 2014 will be held from Jan. 12-15, 2014 at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York.

Key Facts

  • At NRF, Benbria will demonstrate how retailers can increase their in-store sales conversion rates by engaging with more customers while they’re in the store. Loop directly enables shoppers to engage associates at the decisive moment in the shopping experience – on-the-spot, in real-time.
  • Using a smartphone or in-store kiosk, shoppers quickly and easily connect with a store associate to assist with their needs, questions and concerns. Associates are instantly alerted on an MC40 mobile computer or ET1 enterprise tablet to connect with the shopper before they have a chance to leave either dissatisfied or without making a purchase.
  • Loop also improves store operations by facilitating online pickup orders in-store. Loop expedites the pickup by allowing customers to notify the retailer by smartphone or in-store kiosk, which notifies an associate on an MC40 or ET1 to pull the product for pickup. This expedited process frees up more time for upselling.
  • Loop enhances the shopper experience by capturing real-time insight from customers and non-buyers. Using an MC40 or ET1, store managers view live in-store operational metrics gathered from shoppers’ insight. Exposing store associates to real-time insight improves their focus on the customer experience by enabling them to act on the influence levers that impact satisfaction and conversion such as products, price and selection.
  • Motorola Solutions’ MC40 enterprise mobile computer and ET1 enterprise tablet enable store associates to deliver better in-store customer services. The MC40 mobile computer is ideal for retail environments and incorporates inventory management with collaboration and line-busting mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) capabilities in a compelling form factor. Designed for assisted selling, mPOS, item locator, planogram management and mobile manager applications, the Android™-based ET1 tablet is available in WAN or WLAN configurations and brings the consumer tablet experience to an enterprise-class device.

Supporting Quote

John Norris, Retail Customer Lead, Benbria Corporation
“With so many choices today, shoppers need a compelling reason to shop at a store. As stores continue to be challenged by showrooming and low in-store sales conversion rates, omnichannel retailers see in-store pickup programs and real-time in-store shopper engagement as powerful ways to increase foot traffic, enhance the shopping experience and drive in-store sales conversion. At NRF 2014, Benbria will demonstrate how retailers can better connect with shoppers and create a more personalized shopping experience by enabling the benefits of in-store mobility and real-time customer engagement for every associate.”

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About Benbria
Benbria is leading in the area of mobile customer engagement enabling retail, hospitality and restaurant brands to deliver a superior customer experience that goes above and beyond their competitors. Using a variety of mobile, in-store and on-property technologies – including SMS, email, Web, mobile app and kiosk – Loop™ enables brands to capture and direct real-time customer requests, concerns, suggestions and positive input to management and employees for action and closure. Closing the loop through on-the-spot staff action helps brands to quickly enhance the customer experience during visits, save dissatisfied customers, improve in-store sales conversion rates, avoid online criticisms and foster positive reviews. For more information:

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