Loop for IT Leaders

With a unified cloud-based platform offering omni-channel messaging, customer surveys and analytics, Loop® gives IT leaders a scalable and secure solution to support your business needs today, and in the future.

Imagine Having

Effortless Scalability

With a feedback and messaging solution that can meet today’s needs, and the future demands of external and internal customers.

Simple Integrations

With a suite of API’s designed to import and export messaging and survey data across a variety of CRM, POS, PMS, BI, and custom applications.

A Unified Platform

Supporting a world-class CX program without the need to manage two separate technical solutions for customer messaging and feedback.

Key Benefits


Loop includes a channel management framework for the configuration and deployment of channels, whether the touchpoints be traditional, digital, or physical in nature. Adding new channels is easy and the key to supporting a scalable platform that grows with your CX program’s evolvement – today, and well into the future.


The Loop API can be used to integrate with enterprise systems of record such as CRM, POS, PMS, and BI platforms. It includes a series of location, channel, conversation, and response APIs for registering proprietary or third-party channels, and pulling and pushing data. If you require flexibility and scalability, rest assured that Loop can deliver.

One Platform

Loop includes comprehensive omni-channel messaging and feedback capabilities designed to support any business, from a single unified platform. As opposed to relying on multiple technical platforms, Loop allows you to create customer journeys, collect feedback, engage in real-time, respond, and analyze results with one solution.

Key Features

Easy & Cloud-based

Loop is a secure cloud-based solution trusted by the world’s leading IT teams. There is no complex implementation process or lengthy custom-configuration. It is highly intuitive as well, meaning no heavy lift for internal stakeholders to adopt and start using immediately.

Safe & Secure

Loop was constructed by industry veterans and uses SSL for secure data transport. It also utilizes firewalls and superior security hygiene to keep attackers at bay. Rest assured, security and the safety of customer data is in good hands with the Loop platform.

Zero Downtime

Since Loop is always live, you can say goodbye to internal service tickets and requests. Our team utilizes a zero-downtime deployment process along with redundant servers and services to support user requests, leading to an impressive 24/7 uptime record for over 10 years.

Flexible Integration

Make deploying surveys and messaging easier with the ability to integrate a variety of applications. Whether you’re looking to integrate messaging or surveys into a native IOS app, a web page, or a handheld device, the Loop platform is both flexible and scalable to suit your needs.

Data Analytics

Loop provides the reporting tools your internal departments and teams can easily understand and begin using immediately. Need more? Not a problem. Loop has the ability to export surveys and data for use in your existing BI solution in a seamless and effective manner.

Buy vs. Build

Managing channels and ensuring they are always delivering a quality end-user experience is something we do every day. With Loop, advancements like automation, unique messaging channels, and big data are always at the forefront, so you don’t have to worry about maintenance.

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