Tips and Tools: Out-of-Office

The Loop Out-of-Office (‘OoO’) feature is a reactive tool to alert customers when team members are unavailable. With it, your team can better manage customer expectations to response times, facilitate Loop Messenger™ with limited team resources and lastly, track employees on/off hours.

This not only benefits the operational aspect of running a business but also ensures you deliver an exceptional customer experience by keeping them in the know.

In order to make sure you get the most out of the Out-of-Office feature we’ve broken down everything you need to know when it comes to integrating it into your business:


Advantages of Sending Out-of-Office Messages

Keeping your customers updated on response times through Out-of-Office messages is a great way to increase customer satisfaction and increase engagement. Instead of having customers waiting for a team member to reply, they are prompted with an immediate response as to the members availability as well as an explanation as to when they might receive a response.

This can deter any negative feeling the customers might have toward slow responses, saving you from damaging social messages and public complaints.

Out-of-Office messages are also available for mobile devices, which means guests are immediately prompted with an update to any device of their choice; whether a smartphone, tablet or computer.

Enabling this feature ensures you are managing their expectations, keeping them happy and informed.

How It Works

The Out-of-Office messages feature is only displayed on Loop Messenger™.

In order for the customer to be prompted with the Out-of-Office message all of your respective team members must be subscribed to a particular conversation with a customer and have their status set to “Out-of-Office”. They can access this function by using the toggle menu on the top right-hand corner of the Inbox.

Once all team members have set their status to “Out-of-Office” the customer will be warned of the associates “OoO” status with a pop-up message. It is important to note that if at least one of the team members receiving the Loop message is online and set as “Available” the OoO message will not be displayed for the customer.

Once the customer is prompted with the OoO message they are still able to post new messages, which will continue to be sent to the associate’s Loop Inbox™. However, no notifications regarding the sent messages will be sent to the OoO associate, nor will the associate be able to view the contents of their inbox while Out-of-Office.

Configuring Out-of-Office Messages:

Before you begin, the Out-of-Office feature must be enabled at the account level by Benbria® Operations. If you wish to enable within your account please contact your Benbria® customer success representative.

Once Benbria® Operations has enabled the feature, Benbria® or an account administrator can work with you to define one or more of the Out-of-Office messages.

The messages for the account must include each of the following fields:

  • Short Name: A short-form title that will appear in the associate list (ex. 12-3 Admin break)
  • Message Text: A customer-facing primary message (ex. Your eButler is out for lunch)
  • Priority: Allows you to determine if the customer will see the message as priority or not.
  • Enabled: The on or off switch for the Out-of-Office Feature. When it is enabled the Out-of-Office Message is available for all associates

In addition, you can also configure a text at the account level.

  • Out-of-Office Explanation: This is the customer-facing secondary message to explain the resulting impact to the guest (ex. Any messages sent now will be seen and responded to upon team member return)

This Out-of-Office Explanation message is an account level configuration, which means all locations will be able to select their specific message from the same list of pre-scripted messages.

Once all fields have been filled out, you’re Out-of-Office message is ready to be deployed.

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