Tips and Tools: Multi-Pulse Surveys

Asking your customers questions regarding their service is important to understanding your business. It can reveal where you are excelling and where your business needs improvement. However, not all businesses or locations are alike so asking the same questions to different markets can detract from the insight you receive.

Now, with the new “Multi-Pulse Surveys” feature in Loop Pulse™ you can have multiple surveys across a variety of internal or external locations, all from one account. This allows you to have different categories, questions, or metrics displayed for any given internal/external location, tailoring your platform to your audience.

In order to optimize your time with our new Multi-Pulse feature we have broken down what is new and how you can configure it within your existing program:

What is New.

With this new integration comes new capabilities that are important for running your program successfully.

The first enhancement is greater flexibility when creating categories for different locations. You can now display different categories for each location you’ve registered. In addition, the wording for the same category can be different for every location while multiple text fields can also be added.

Furthermore, the “Questions” page has been changed to become the new “Categories” page. This “Categories” page can be found on the top menu bar under “Content”. From this page you can create question categories associated with key metrics that you would like to track.

NOTE: The type of categories has remained the same, including: yes or no questions, and free-form text fields. Changing the type of category after it was created is not supported.

We’ve also added a new page for managing surveys. This page is called “Surveys”. To find this page, click on the top menu bar under “Content”. “Surveys” allows you to create and update surveys, as well as select which survey should be the account’s default. If you wish to assign surveys to the individual locations, it can be done on the “Locations” page under “Facets”.

Lastly there are some additional visual changes. Location scoreboards now show all visible categories from all locations surveys. For example, a restaurant can now have two internal locations such as “take-out” or “eat in”. With the two surveys, you can have different questions allowing the business owner to target different use cases through the surveys.

With the introduction of these new updates, the process of creating surveys and collecting data from them becomes streamlined. It is important to note that with this new update, all of the existing Pulse accounts will be automatically migrated as a part of this update and a default survey containing all of the enabled questions will be created for each Pulse account.


To begin, login to your account using your valid Loop® Credentials.

On the top menu bar select “Content”. A drop down menu will appear where you can select “Survey Page”. This page will allow you to create and update surveys as well as select which survey will be the account’s default.

To create a new survey from the surveys page, select “+ Create”. This opens the “Create Survey” form which allows you to type in your desired question and select the category. Visible categories are ones you have already configured for your current Loop Pulse account.

A category that is not part of any survey can be deleted. However, deleting a category is only supported when it is not part of any survey. When deleted, it will no longer be displayed in Reporting, Export, Digests, or when viewing responses to Loop Pulse surveys. However, the historic data is still retained in the database.

When there is more than one question in the survey and you wish to re-organize their display on the kiosk, simply press the “Order” icon on the top right hand corner. This will allow you to reorganize by dragging and dropping the questions.

You can hide questions from the kiosk, mobile and scoreboards by clicking the red “Delete” button underneath category. Please note that this does not remove the question. The button only controls what is being displayed and does not result in lost data.

Additionally there is a “Visible” option for every question category. This option, when set to “false” allows categories to be hidden from Scoreboards, Reporting, Employee Inbox, Exports and Digests. However, by design it will appear on the location Kiosks and Mobile UI and continue to collect data for the category if it is part a survey, even when the “Visible” flag is set to false.

Once you have created all questions for your survey, and filled out all necessary information, your survey is ready for deployment.

For any additional support on creating a Loop Pulse survey, access the Benbria Knowledge Base here or contact your Benbria representative.

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