Tips and Tools: Refreshing your Loop Pulse™ Collateral.

Keeping your Loop Pulse collateral fresh and up to date is important to engaging guests and ensuring consistent use of the system. The way you portray your brand can be a deciding factor for the customer as to whether they want to provide feedback, so it’s important to make sure that collateral around your venue is up to date and visually appealing.

In this post, we go over some tips for how you can refresh your collateral to get the most out of your Loop Pulse program:

Conduct Regular Inspections

Inspections are imperative to make sure you aren’t displaying old or tampered with collateral. If your signage or brochures are old, marked up, or collecting dust, your customers might feel less inclined to read them, defeating the entire purpose.

Schedule time within the day where team members can make inspections around your venue to ensure collateral is up to standard. If it isn’t up to standard ,create a worksheet on practices your team can use to fix it – including methods of cleaning or replacing content.

Regular inspections should also include routine audits. The working audit should evaluate if the collateral you are currently using is effective in catching people’s attention and generating more brand or product awareness. If it isn’t and people aren’t actively engaging with it, it might be time to look into other ways of conveying your message. Maybe that means using more color or a different tagline. Whatever the case, running an audit of all collateral can help you make sure the materials you are using are effective and if not, it’s time to clear up some space!

Location is Everything

On the same note of running a collateral audit, you should also be making sure your collateral is placed in areas around your venue where customers can easily engage with it. Make note of where collateral is and how much interaction you get with it in that specific location. If one placement is working better than others use that to your advantage. It’s an efficient way to optimize your materials and generate more traffic with your Loop Pulse platform.

Stay up to date

The collateral you produce should be up to date with your latest branding and promotions. If you’ve released a new set of brand standards – even if with minor changes – your collateral should mirror that new look and feel to stay consistent.

Here are some things incorporated into your collateral that you should keep up to date:

  • Social channels. If you’ve made any updates on social handles or if you’ve added a new channel to your business, make sure your collateral is up to date with all of your accurate information.
  • Images. Make sure all images displayed are up to date and are at their highest quality.
  • Messaging. The messaging on your collateral should coincide with your brand’s main message – if it has changed over time, so should your collateral.
  • Product promotions. If there is a feature on Loop Pulse that your customers consistently love, try incorporating or promoting that on your collateral. In addition, if you run different promotions every month, or every other month, leverage your collateral to help promote them.

Keep Your Pulse Kiosk Tidy

If you’re refreshing the collateral that is accompanying your product, it is important to make sure the kiosk is also in good standing. With Loop Pulse you have the option to refresh your branding on the physical kiosk at any point in time. It is important to ensure that the current brand standards you have in place are neatly displayed on your Loop kiosk.

Your kiosk should also be cleaned and maintained regularly. Make it part of your team’s  duties to wipe down the kiosk twice a day to ensure that it stays clean for each customer’s use. How you present it dictates who will use it.  After all, nobody wants to touch a kiosk that is collecting dust or looks dirty.

Keeping your collateral and kiosk fresh and up to date is imperative to ensuring that customers want to participate and provide feedback using Loop Pulse. It is also another extension, and in some cases a first impression of your brand – so remember to give it some love!

What are some ways you refresh your product collateral? Let us know in the comments, or on social media: LinkedIn | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram.

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