Tips and Tools: Profanity Filters

The safety of your team members should be number one at work. However, inappropriate behaviour from select customers can sometimes be inescapable. Thanks to the Loop® Inbox profanity feature, you can take the right steps to provide a safe work environment for all team members.

In this blog post, we’ll talk about the two features we offer to help filter-out profanity, and how you can enable them within Loop so your team members don’t have to worry about crude comments:


Profanity Features

In the Loop Platform, two features are supported to remove profanity as follows:

  1. Masking: Using special characters to mask specific offensive words and phrases from team members
  2. Screening: Removing the entire conversation from view, making it only available to an administrator through the export of screened conversations.

Each profanity feature has its own set of profane trigger words which can be altered by a Super Admin.

These words are run through entire conversations submitted by team members, admins and customers. However, the most beneficial use of this function is for customer submitted comments. In the very odd case that a team member uses profane terminology, this can also be useful to protect your customers from abuse by having the capabilities to filter a team member or admin’s comments.  


Term Masking

When the masking feature is enabled, a global list of offensive words and phrases is used as the default list of terms to mask. If an account wishes to add or remove a term from the default list, they can be entered in the “Masking Overrides” field.

Here are some functions you should be aware of when in “Masking Overrides”:

  • Terms that start with “+” character will be added to the list of profane terminology
  • Terms that start with “-“ character are removed from the list of profane terminology
  • If a terms starts with any other character, it will be ignored
  • Single words, multiple words, and regular expressions are supported.
  • Terms can be entered in any language that uses the Latin Alphabet (English, Spanish, French, etc.)
  • Location-level override is not supported

Masked words are saved to the database without modification. Whenever a conversation with profanity is returned from the database, all of the comments in the conversation are masked using the recent list of masked overrides. This makes it so team members don’t have to see masked words while preserving the original comments in the database – in case they are ever needed.


Conversation Screening

Conversation Screening follows the same format as “Masking Overrides”. With this feature enabled, the first comment in a conversation with a screened word will not show up in the Loop Inbox. When a screened term is included in an existing conversation, it is removed from view and excluded from the Loop Inbox. Lastly if a team member has the conversation open on their screen, the conversation will exit and the team member will be taken back to the inbox base view.  

It is important to note that when conversations have been screened, they continue to be included in reporting metrics. However, we’ve ensured that individual conversations will not have a significant effect on metrics such as average response time where the outliers will be ignored.

If you require any help when configuring the profanity screening, a “Master List” for each function is managed by Benbria in English and French.

This filtering is only applied to comments – not any other type of submission. Both the “Masking” and the “Screening” feature work with all available channels including Loop Pulse and Loop Messenger.


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