Tips and Tools: Maintaining a Pick List

Knowing how to formulate a survey for your Loop Pulse™ program that garners the most data is essential for running a successful program.  

Within your Loop Pulse™ program you have a handful of options when it comes to the layout of your survey. Today, we’re taking a look at an option that allows the customer to select answers from a drop-down menu, otherwise known as a “pick list”. A pick list is a feature we incorporated to allow businesses flexibility when asking questions on their Loop Pulse™ kiosk. Instead of simply having your customer rate the experience from “Very Angry” to “Very Happy”, a pick list is an element you can add to your Loop Pulse™ survey that allows customers to choose from an array of pre-populated answers, crafted by you.

In this tips and tools post, we go over the benefits of a pick list and how you can create and maintain one within your Loop Pulse™ survey:

Why Use A Pick List?

Incorporating a pick list has many advantages, however, the biggest is having uniform data. By integrating a pick list, management can select options from static values that are easy to export and report on. In addition, instead of having customers type long form and sometimes complex answers, a pick list forces the customer to select only one option, eliminating issues with data integrity (ex. typos, poor spelling, data typed into the wrong field).

Having this option also helps you receive more specific data that is in line with what you are looking for. Instead of customers misinterpreting your questions or writing ambiguous answers you can provide a short and concise list of answers that customers can choose from and that gives you the data you want.

Pick lists can also help standardize your data. With a pick list, you can ask the customers to identify the employee who helped them, select their favorite product from a list, choose from a list of products or features they wish you would offer, and so on. This standardizes the data so that reporting can be done without any added verification or input. With this, your business can view comments by sentiment for each employee, identify which products most customers like/dislike/want you to carry, etc.

By incorporating a pick list you’re ensuring that your customers time is being optimized and the data you receive is functional.

Maintaining a Pick List.

In order to maintain a pick list within Loop®, you must first log into the portal using your valid Loop Admin credentials.

It is important to note that ONLY Admin-level or higher credentials can modify the custom fields to have a static list.

To add, remove, or modify values in a pick list you will need to go to your settings page in the Loop Inbox™.  To access this page go to the main page of your Loop Inbox™. From here, click on the white gear icon or “Settings” icon on the left sidebar navigation menu.










Once you are on the settings page, you will see three buttons on the top left-hand corner: “Settings”, “Profile”, and “Locations”. Click “Locations”.



Clicking on “Location” will bring you to the Admin screen where you will need to click on the name of the location where you would like to modify the pick list.


When you have selected a location you will now need to click the “Custom Fields” option in the top left-hand corner of the admin page. From this menu, you can add, modify, or remove values from the pick list as desired.   



After modifying to suit your needs, your pick list should appear as pictured below.

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