Tips and Tools: Loop Pulse™ Kiosk and Scoreboard Options

The presentation of your Loop Pulse™ survey and your team member scoreboard is important to create visual consistency for your brand.

Here at Benbria®, we work hard to provide you with a kiosk and scoreboard that suits your operational needs and can represent your brand’s image. Whether you want a fully branded or a minimally branded scoreboard, our goal is to make sure it reflects your vision to drive loyalty, motivate team members, and increase revenue.

In this tips and tools post, we break down the Loop Pulse™ program and go over the options when it comes to its look and feel. Let’s begin.

The Loop Pulse™ Kiosk

For those new to Benbria®, Loop Pulse™ is a real-time program that is designed to provide insight on the customer experience while motivating team members. Accessible through web-URLs or physical hardware, it’s a product that can help you understand the customer journey from multiple touch points or a single location.

The Loop Pulse™ Kiosk is a component of the Loop  Pulse™ program. It is a customer facing device that customers can use in-store to rate their experience.

Made up of questions selected by management, the Loop Pulse™ kiosk provides insight into multiple aspects of a business including operations and service. If management wants to know the type of service team members are providing, they can leverage the kiosks to ask questions such as, “How was your service today?” or “How timely was your meal?”.

When a customer answers questions on the kiosk, they appear on a scoreboard that front-line teams can see (Table Scoreboard) as well as a scoreboard that management can see (Dashboard Scoreboard), so all parties are informed and engaged. With the insight pulled in real-time, you can further motivate front-line team members, identify operational strengths and weaknesses, and build an overall positive experience.

With the Loop Pulse™ kiosk, you have the ability to customize the physical hardware of your device. You can choose between floor and counter models, however, customization is restricted to the content of the printed panels and the colour of the kiosk. For more information on Kiosk customization options please contact your Benbria Customer Service Representative.

The Loop Pulse™ Table Scoreboard

The Loop Pulse™ Table Scoreboard is dedicated to the front of house team members. From it, teams can see in real-time how customers are rating their service and how to adjust it accordingly.

Customizable Options

With the Table Scoreboard, we offer the ability to customize the look and feel. The customizable background image ties into the kiosks multimedia capabilities for a seamless and consistent user experience. The image should, however, adhere to the guideline of a minimum resolution size of 1920 x 1080.

It is important to note there are additional constraints such as contrast with text elements, no text, no white colour, solid colours, wallpaper style images, and so on.

Dashboard Scoreboard

The Dashboard Scoreboard is Loop Pulse™’s administrator/management facing device. From it, management has visibility into the customer experience from a single store location to multiple store locations. The scoreboard provides a holistic view of customer experience so management can always stay on top of providing exceptional customer service.

Customizable Options

Because the Dashboard Scoreboard is not customer facing, there is less of a demand to brand the device. The scoreboard is rendered in Benbria® branding and allows for a large logo image, however, no other branding features are supported at this time.

Scoreboard Parameters

If being accessed from a standard web browser via URL, the following features are available through parameters to control scoreboards. The ‘base URL’ for all examples is:

Ensuring a seamless experience throughout your Loop Pulse™ kiosk and scoreboards is essential to further engage your customers and team. With Loop Pulse™ you can customize your devices to provide an effortlessly consistent experience.


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