4 Best Practices When Responding to Loop® Messages

Creating a superb customer experience begins by fostering a strong and insightful relationship between your team and customers.

With Loop Messenger™, connecting with customers is made easier. Employees can now respond to customer questions, comments and concerns in real-time on a range of channels, from one unified team Inbox. So, making sure that team members are making the most of their conversations and representing your brand in the best way possible is essential.  

With that, here are our 4 best practices that your team members should be using when responding to messages via Loop:

Use a Consistent Brand Voice

For maximum effect and to create brand consistency, the voice your employees use when conversing with customers should be consistent across all channels. Having a consistent brand voice distinguishes you from competitors and makes you recognizable to the customer. It’s an expected tone that customers feel familiar and comfortable with.  

Your brand’s voice should be professional and reflect your values and your product/service, while also considering your target audience. If your team members aren’t sure what your voice sounds like, consider training them on brand values and mission in order to better equip them for responses. If you’re having difficulty establishing a voice, try having your customers complete a survey on what they value in a brand and try building a customer service strategy based on their feedback.

Set and Measure Time to Respond

In today’s technologically evolving world, customers expect responses in real time. In fact, in a Sales Force study, “64% of consumers and 80% of business buyers said they expect companies to respond and interact with them in real time. This means the longer it takes to respond to a conversation, the higher the risk of lost revenue opportunity and the higher the risk to derail relationship building efforts.

Setting time goals for team members to respond within makes it measurable for managers and easier for them to hold team members accountable. Not to mention it’ll push team members to respond faster to customers – enhancing the customer experience. If are using Loop Messenger™, you can quickly respond to repetitive questions by setting up pre-populated responses.  These optimize your team’s time online, along with your customers, by making answers to frequent questions available for quickly grabbing and sending..

Personalize the Message

Personalization is a great way for your employees to win your customers over. Within recent years it’s become more and more evident that customers don’t just want any ordinary brand interaction, but one that is tailored to their unique needs.

In a recent SalesForce study it was revealed that “63% of Millennial consumers and 58% of GenX consumers were willing to share data with companies in exchange for personalized offers and discounts.” Customers want that human touch, and personalizing the conversations can do just that. By incorporating things like using their first name, or if you’re a retail brand, suggesting a clothing item in their favourite color, you’ll make them feel more comfortable and cared for.

When using Loop Messenger™, personalization is made simpler. Your team members can create and store detailed customer records, including: orders, location, personal preferences etc., and organize them in Loop. This makes it easy for your employees to create personalized notes about a customer that other employees can reference to ensure a positive impression – should they be chatting with them next time.

Be Positive and Insightful

When a customer approaches you for help they’re often at their most vulnerable, so it is important that your team members are providing step by step guidance in a positive manner. If a customer is having trouble understanding a walk-through, pass them along to a manager or provide them with collateral they can reference in the future.  It’s important to always make sure your team members are representing your brand positively and your customers leave the conversation feeling happy and helped.

Having guidelines in place for your team to manage customer conversations is the first step to building an unforgettable customer experience, and by incorporating our 5 best practices you can make sure your team is leaving a positive and lasting impression.


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