Uncover Costly Student Experience Pain Points Across Campus When They Happen, As They Happen, In One Place.

COVID, online education, and the rapidly evolving nature of the student experience are changing the way data is collected and processed in higher education institutions. Capturing students’ feedback at the wrong times, or piecing together data from various touchpoints and sources, days or even weeks later, will be an even greater challenge in 2021.

Access this free 13-page eBook to learn how you can:

  • Map the student journey across campus
  • Give a voice to everyone across campus
  • Engage when and where it matters

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Key Insights You Will Learn

Delivering a Unified Experience

In many ways, the pandemic has simply highlighted the issues that were already facing colleges and universities- inadequate communication channels to reach students, and increasing struggles to engage and provide a sense of connection and community on campus.

By addressing these challenges you can:

  • Give students a voice across campus
  • Engage students on issues that matter most
  • Collect actionable data to improve the campus experience

Engaging the Scattered Student

Investing in your campus can become a key differentiator in the marketplace, and knowing where to put those dollars is essential to getting the most out of your budget. 

Engage Students To:

  • Highight areas that have the greatest impact to student experience
  • Find out which programs are working and which need improvement
  • Use data collected from across campus to make informed decisions

Turn Pain Points Into Opportunities

Regularly assess satisfaction of everyone that accesses campus. From the bookstore to the cafeteria, student services and residence, discover where the struggles are and how you can turn them into an opportunity for improvement.

Improve Campus Experience by:

  • Leverage actionable data to make decisions 
  • Understand sentiment at each location on campus
  • Evaluate the success of implemented projects

Residence, Reputation and Revenue

When it comes to student housing, experience plays a large role on whether students continue to live on campus after their first year, and what they share to other students about housing on campus. 

Residence Experience is essential to brand growth because:

  • Students are new to campus to engagement is critical
  • International students often live in residence so reputation is important
  • Keeping housing full is a key revenue driver
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Download This Free 12-Page eBook to Find Out How to Capture The Voice of The Student — When it Matters Most.

Higher education institutions fail to capture the voice of the student, not because of an oversight but because of the considerable challenge in gathering critical data from all vendors, across campus, at key moments of the student experience. Often, it's too little from too much, too late.

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