Loop Inbox

The Best Shared Inbox for High-Touch, Contactless, Business Text Messaging

Loop’s shared inbox accelerates business text messaging and simplifies internal collaboration to increase loyalty and retain customers. Aggregating all of your messaging channels and automating experiences in a contactless world has never been this easy.

A shared inbox for teams with multiple channels including text messaging

Engage Customers on Multiple Messaging Channels Seamlessly

Engage with customers on their preferred channel of choice including text messaging and WhatsApp. Access social profiles and popular messaging channels to personalize your response and engage with purpose.

Traditional channels

Engage on the most widely adopted channels with the highest conversion rates including SMS and email. Traditional channels are great for both sending and receiving messages including invitations, promotional offers, follow-ups, check-ins, and more.

Digital channels

Engage with web and mobile channels. Embed digital channels into existing touchpoints where customers are interacting on a regular basis and control the experience from end-to-end.

Social channels

Engage on social networks and messaging apps including Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and more. Social channels are great for reaching billions of potential customers on their favourite apps.

Multiple messaging channels including WhatsApp Facebook Messenger and SMS text messaging

Capture All Conversations and Interactions Including Messages and Automations

Capture all customer and team interactions within a rich conversation thread to increase collaboration, resolve issues quickly and fulfill requests.

  • Messages
  • Internal Notes
  • Escalations
  • Chatbot Handoffs
  • Chatbot Takeovers
  • Survey Responses
  • Avatars
  • Channel Icons
  • Tags

Respond to Customers in Real-Time From Anywhere and on Any Messaging Channel

Leverage personal and corporate devices with ease. Respond from your desktop or mobile device including iOS and Android and receive push notifications to improve response times. 

Automate Action, Create Standards, Gain Efficiencies, Go Contactless

Auto-route conversations

Automate tagging and routing of conversations to the correct team members by department, function, role, and more.

Set escalation thresholds

Escalate conversations based on thresholds to enforce a brand standard and to make sure your team is getting back to customers in a timely manner

Capture customer sentiment

Capture customer temperature at-a-glance within customer conversations to understand how they feel and respond accordingly.

New for Loop Inbox

Automate Responses Using Chatbots While Keeping Humans in-the-Loop to Drive Efficiency and Increase Revenue

Thank you for your feedback. Would you like to speak to the manager on duty?
Loop Inbox and chatbots for automated responses
Key Features

Everything That You Would Expect in a Shared Inbox for High-Touch, Contactless, Business Messaging Built to Delight Customers


Set escalation thresholds for each location to create a brand standard and ensure that your team is responding to customers and closing the loop.


Auto-tag conversations by keyword and phrase to ensure that conversations are routed to the correct team members and reported efficiently.

Sentiment Analysis

Capture customer sentiment at-a-glance and understand their temperature before responding. With sentiment analysis, it is easy to surface areas of improvement with reporting and analytics.

Message Templates

Use message templates to create a suite of standard responses for frequently asked questions. Your team can provide fast and accurate responses, to improve productivity and stay on top of all customer messages. 

Social Profiles

Access social profiles when responding to customers on social channels including avatars, contact information, and more. With social profiles, you can better personalize your responses and engagement.

Mobile App

Download the Loop Inbox app from the Apple Store and Google Play to respond to customers from anywhere. The Loop Inbox app is native and cross-platform providing push notifications.

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