Loop CX®

Measure the Customer Experience and Collect Feedback at Key Moments of Truth

Loop CX provides customer experience surveys that are based on proven methodologies used to:

  • Reduce Churn
  • Increase Customer Loyalty
  • Improve Operations
  • Increase Revenues
Loop CX Surveys

Measure Customer Loyalty, Satisfaction and Effort

Leverage industry-standard methodologies including NPS, CSAT and CES to measure the customer experience, reduce churn, increase revenue and achieve greater customer loyalty.

Customer Satisfaction Score

Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) is a measurement of a customer’s satisfaction with a product or service.

Net Promoter Score

Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a management tool that can be used to gauge loyalty.

Customer Effort Score

Customer Effort Score (CES) measures how much effort a customer has to exert to get an issue resolved, a request fulfilled, a product purchased/returned or a question answered.

Imbed Survey Options
Loop CX Channels

Collect Customer Feedback Online and Offline

Collect feedback using online and offline channels, in-location. With Loop you can transition customers seamlessly between channels and ensure the experience in-location and online is consistent.

Custom Dashboards and Reporting

Build custom dashboards for each role and location to ensure you obtain optimal insights from each touchpoint. Select from a suite of pre-defined visualizations or create a custom panel. Dashboards can be easily exported into PDF reports for additional productivity.

Loop Dashboard Results
Loop CX Survey Results

Easily Share Analytics with Key Stakeholders

The custom dashboards within your Loop Inbox can now be exported as a PDF file to share with other stakeholder that may not have access to your Loop Experience Platform account. You also have the ability to export panels into PNG and JPEG files to add to presentations, or export as CSV files to analyze the raw data.

Survey Projects

The Loop Experience Platform is making it easier for you to design, distribute and gather insights on the survey projects that you run to evaluate customer satisfaction, customer effort and net promoter score. Create individual survey projects for different locations, events, or Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that you need to measure against and have control over when, where and how you distribute them.


Create a survey that satisfies your business needs and reflects your KPIs and performance benchmarks. Use the Toolbox to drag and drop a variety of survey elements including Checkbox, Radiogroup, Dropdown, Comment, Five Star, NPS, Boolean, Text Entry, CES, CSAT and Location Reference.

Loop CX CSAT Rating


Distribute your survey by choosing a Link Channel using a QR Code or URL or Kiosk Channel. Easily download the QR code to add to print collateral including signage, stickers, menus and more.

Loop CX QR Code Channel


Set actions for survey responses to automatically create tickets to close the loop on feedback. Develop a unique set of actions for individual survey projects. Customize the priority and conditions each action set in the project.

Editing Survey Actions


Evaluate the feedback received from each survey project to identify how they measure against key performance indicators. Share data with key project stakeholders to understand how the data measures up to the goals of the project.

Survey Results

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