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Loop Inbox® accelerates messaging and simplifies internal collaboration to increase loyalty and retain customers. Combining all of your messaging channels allows for staff to easily reply to multiple customers at once. It also enables the set up a automatic responses, making answering common questions efficient. 

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Combine Messaging Channels In One Location

Enabling customers to message you on the channel of their choice, and responding quickly will improve customer satisfaction and reduce churn rate. In this brochure you will learn the importance of engaging with your customers across multiple platforms, giving your customers the omni-channel experience. Learn why you should track conversations and the importance of escalation when necessary. To learn more about the benefits of Loop Inbox click the button below. 

Benefits of Engaging Customers on Multiple Channels

Loop Inbox allows for Omni-channel engagement and enables you to connect with customers on the platform of their choice. Being where the customers are  shows you care about your customers and their feedback. There are three main types of channels traditional, digital and social channels. Traditional channels are email, and SMS (text messaging). Digital Channels are Web, Mobile SDK and Link (QR Codes). The social channels are Facebook Messenger, Twitter Direct Messaging, and WhatsApp. By ensuring you have omni-channel communication it enables customers to communicate in the form of their choice. 


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Track Conversations

Easily capture all customer interactions on the same platform and allow team members to view, respond or escalate conversations as necessary, resolving issues quickly. You can also track similar comments throughout the messaging allowing for common issues to be addressed quickly. Track response times to ensure customers are responded to in a timely manner. 

Respond to Customers in Real-Time

In today’s “always on” world, allowing your customers to have a way to contact you 24-hours a day, is essential to providing good customer service. Loop Inbox allows you to download the app to enable you to respond to customer questions or comments at any point. It will send you push notifications when you receive a response from a customer and you can reply directly in the app. 

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Loop Inbox

Communicate With Your Customers

Connect with Customers

Allowing customers to message you, enables open communication and makes them know you care about them. 

Escalate Conversations

If there is an issue during a conversation with a customer, it can be escalated to management to be dealt with properly. 

Improve Customer Churn

By providing customers with a way to communicate, it enables them to address issues that could cause them to leave. 

Fast Resolution Time

By enabling direct conversations with customers you are able to address issues in real time, and find quickly find solutions. 

Organize Requests

Easily organize requests from customers and indicate who has been responded to and who still requires a response. 

Global vs Local

Easily respond to messages at all locations and have them centralized and can break down by location for organization.  

Automatic Responses

Set up automatic responses to commonly asked questions saving both you and your customers valuable time. 

Sentiment Analysis

Capture customer sentiment and understand their temperament before responding, and making improvements. 


Having multiple communication channels, enables customers to easily reach out with any questions or comments. 

Centralized Information

Having all messaging channels report on the same platform, allows for quick response times and easily track conversations. 

Respond 24/7

The ability to respond to your customers 24/7 indicates a high level of customer service and helps reduce customer churn. 

Engage on Social

By allowing customers to message through social channels it enables a more personalize response and engagement. 

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Customer Feedback

With Loop Feedback, survey responses are pushed directly into the inbox for rapid response and action resulting in a better customer experience. Loop’s inbox helps increase response times and action by allowing your team to respond to customers on their preferred channel.

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With Loop Tickets™, automatically create tickets based on feedback for complaint handling. These issues can be notified through Loop Inbox or Loop Feedback and notify customers when the issue has been dealt with. This helps close the loop on feedback.

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