Loop for Service & Support

With real-time message sentiment analysis, escalations, and auto-routing, Loop® makes the customer service and support experience faster, personalized, and more effective.

Imagine Having

Lower Customer Churn

With the ability to identify at-risk customers in real-time and immediately mobilizing team members to engage and recover.

Faster Response Times

By responding to inbound conversations from social channels, texting, messaging apps, and more – from a unified inbox.

Better Customer Surveys

With Binary, CSAT, and NPS surveys you can deploy both online and offline at key moments in the customer journey.

Key Benefits

Every Message. One Inbox.

With Loop, you can engage customers on their channel of preference – including SMS, Email, Facebook, Twitter, and more. Your team can receive and respond to a message or feedback comment from one inbox, allowing you to respond faster, more efficiently, and in a more consistent manner.

Recover At-Risk Customers

Loop comes with a unique ability to understand customer sentiment in real-time, alert key teams of at-risk customers, and mobilize them to engage and recover. Regardless of touchpoint, Loop ensures that at-risk customers are recovered in-moment to promote greater loyalty and better reviews.

Better Customer Surveys

With Loop, you can deploy a combination of binary, customer satisfaction (CSAT) and Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys with comments across multiple touchpoints, and gain real-time insights. A suite of analytical and reporting tools make understanding customer sentiment and needs easy and actionable.

Key Features


Ensure all customer inquiries are received and responded to. Using keyword analysis, messages can be tagged and auto-routed to the correct department. If sentiment is below average, inquiries can be routed to management so at-risk customers are recovered in real-time.

Real-time Reporting

Loop comes with a dashboard and a host of real-time data visualization tools. You can understand time to respond, general sentiment, customer recovery, and more. Since the data is updated in real-time, you can be more responsive to service issues and continuously improve.

Daily Email Digests

For those who need specific insights versus a limitless supply of data, Loop provides a daily summary email from the past 24 hours of service so you can understand performance and ensure team members are on the right track to continuously improve.

Sentiment Analysis

Loop comes with automations to read and understand messages and feedback more accurately. With it, Loop can truly understand the sentiment of the customer in real-time, allowing you to prioritize your service and response more strategically.

More Automation

In addition to understanding sentiment, Loop’s automation features can support escalations to management, generate templates for responses, auto-routing to teams based on topic, understand trending topics, and more.

Gamifying Scoreboards

Loop can also share insights in real-time to promote friendly competition amongst teams. Our scoreboards share real-time data in a manner that can help gamify the workplace and foster a customer-centric culture focused on service.

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