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Engage Customers and Build Loyalty

The Loop Experience Platform allows restaurants to easily collect feedback from customers, collecting valuable data about their experience at your restaurant. Loop CX allows you to collect in-the-moment surveys to determine service levels, enjoyment of experience and cleanliness of the restaurant. Loop Inbox allows customers to message you before or after their visit with questions. This also allows you to set up automated responses to common questions, saving you, your staff and customers, time. Loop Tickets allows for escalations of complaints and enables the complaints to be handled quickly. Loop Insights gives you access to Heat Maps, which can give you insights to top preforming shifts and why they are top performers. 

The Loop Experience Platform is a great tool for any restaurant to utilize to better increase customer satisfaction and make decisions based on customer feedback. 

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Capture In The Moment Feedback In Your Restaurant

When customers come to visit your restaurant it provides an excellent opportunity to collect feedback about all aspects of your business. In this brochure learn how the Loop Experience Platform can help you collect valuable feedback, and builds loyalty. Learn how to use in the moment feedback to help drive your business and make appropriate changes based on customer feedback. 

Higher Guest Satisfaction

Engage More Guests and Build Loyalty

Increase retention and customer loyalty by improving the experience in real-time with visibility into performance. Escalate and remediate situations as they happen using in-moment feedback and offer solutions to problems customers are facing at the time. 

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Empower Your Employees

Use Real-Time Feedback to Resolve Issues In-The-Moment

Share live feedback, benchmarks and reports with your entire team to create a culture that is customer-focused and promotes continuous service improvement. Set brand standards across all locations and compare results. Define action plans based on real data and enable your front-line staff to understand the customer experience. 

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More Efficient Operations

Use Data Collected to Make Informed Decisions

Use guest feedback to improve the impact of employee training by focusing on what matters most to customers. From service to cleanliness, staff friendliness and food quality, know the areas that matter most to your customers and have ability to make informed decisions to improve their overall experience. 

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Delivering an Omni-channel Guest Experience for Restaurants

Today’s modern guest now dictates the medium by which restaurants must engage with them to provide a differentiated experience. 

Complete Solutions For The Customer-Centric Businesses

The Loop Experience Platform helps to deliver a better overall service experience, can help improve your survey scores, and supports stronger customer relationships to increase loyalty.

Measure Everywhere

Easily measure every step along the customer journey and compare performances across multiple touch points and track the results to improve the overall customer experience. 

Access Feedback

Access customer feedback and respond to at risk customer on a unified company platform, and route high-risk feedback to the right people in real-time.

Omni-Channel Engagement

Receive and respond to messages from customers from one convenient place, giving your customers an omni-channel experience, improving customer engagement. 

Improve the Customer Experience

Collect customer feedback and make adjustments based to meet the specific preferences of your customers to increase revenue and customer experience. 

Leverage Feedback

Use feedback from customers to improve staff impact, by focusing on what matters most – cleanliness, customer service, and food preparation.

Obtain Customer Data

Review customer experience data in real-time to better understand trends in the data and intercept issues early to better tailor service to customer needs. 

A Solution For Your Unique Requirements

The Loop Experience Platform Offers Flexibility for Your Unique Needs

Have the flexibility and agility to manage how you collect data and respond to feedback. With the Loop Experience Platform, you have the freedom to deploy a program that best meets your needs. 

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Loop Scoreboard

Motivate Frontline Employees and Improve Operations

Summarize your overall loyalty, satisfaction and effort scores by day to ensure that frontline employees can make an impact on the customer experience. Stream data in real time to front line employees and ensure that immediate action is taken to increase revenue, improve operations and reduce churn. 

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