Loop for Operations

With the ability to collect customer feedback across multiple touchpoints and a suite of real-time visualization tools to help you learn more from these insights, it is clear why Loop® is the trusted platform for operational leaders.

Imagine Having

Better Customer Insights

By collecting more relevant data on the customer experience, quickly identifying operational weaknesses, and their overall intent to return.

Higher Team Engagement

By using real-time customer insights to engage and motivate your team to continuously improve service quality and overall work performance.

More Focused Training

With customer experience insights by day, hour, location, and more – allowing you to focus your training on the teams and topics that matter most.

Key Benefits

Better Customer Surveys

With Loop, you can deploy a combination of binary, customer satisfaction (CSAT) and Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys with comments across multiple touchpoints, and gain real-time insights. A suite of analytical and reporting tools make understanding customer sentiment and needs easy and actionable, all reported in real-time.

Do More With Data

Loop comes with a dashboard and a host of real-time data visualization tools. You can understand the general sentiment, be alerted of at-risk customers, understand success with customer recovery, and more. Since the data is updated in real-time, you can be more responsive to operational issues and continuously improve.

Motivate Teams To Perform

Loop provides a variety of tools to take customer insights on the experience and use them to motivate and engage teams to improve. From real-time scoreboards which gamify the workplace and fosters friendly competition amongst teams to daily email digests of the previous day’s performance.

Key Features

Real-Time Feedback

With Loop, you can receive customer feedback in real-time. Using this direct and timely data can help you adjust operations in-the-moment, to improve the customer experience and meet both short and long-term objectives.


Ensure all customer inquiries are received and responded to in a timely manner by the appropriate employee. If sentiment is below average, immediately forward inquiries to management to resolve negative experiences.

Team Collaboration

Connect and communicate with team members effortlessly on a single platform. Use internal notes on customer conversations to share information and ensure action is taken on important items – regardless of the size of your company.

Support Library

Become a leader in CX with access to Loop product information in addition to customer experience tips. With the Loop Knowledge Base, you can search and select articles to help you use Loop and achieve a greater degree of consistency and efficiency in service operations.

Daily Digest Reports

Effectively measure employee performance within a 24-hour window by utilizing Loop’s daily digest reports. Gain insights into your performance, points of motivation, and compare them to benchmarks – to ensure teams are on track to improve service quality.

Automation & Routing

Organize message themes or alert internal teams in a fast and efficient manner with Loop’s tagging feature. Route messages to the right employee so customers receive the best answer in a timely manner. With Loop’s message analysis, it can even read and tag a message on your behalf.

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