Loop for Marketing

With the ability to engage customers on multiple messaging channels and deliver in-the-moment surveys, Loop® provides marketers with a digital solution to drive more customer engagement, improve loyalty, and increase revenue.

Imagine Having

Better Customer Loyalty

With a suite of in-the-moment surveys including CSAT, NPS, and more – offering real-time alerts alowing you to engage and recover at-risk customers.

A Single View of Customer

A unified platform offering real-time messaging and survey tools supporting a single view of the customer, and their experience at every point of engagement.

More Personalized Offers

Using insights gathered in real-time, and a variety of channels in line with customer preferences, you can create a more personalized experience.

Key Benefits

Customer Insights

Loop can measure every key moment in the customer journey, both online and offline. You can deploy customer satisfaction (CSAT) and Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys across multiple touchpoints and gain real-time insights. A suite of analytical and reporting tools make understanding customer sentiment and needs easy and actionable.

A Stronger Reputation

With a unified survey and messaging platform supporting multiple channels, you can immediately recover at-risk customers in-the-moment. Real-time sentiment analysis and alerts allow you to immediately engage and retain customers before they voice their concerns online – helping you maintain a stronger online reputation.

Customer-focused Marketing

With Loop, you can segment customers and create an automated and personalized journey of digital engagement for each persona. It can map to key events in your unique journey and send timely messages or surveys to engage them or measure the customer experience in real-time.

Key Features

Custom Branding Options

You can embed fully-branded messaging and survey experiences into multiple customer-facing touchpoints, like your app, website, or through on-site kiosks. The options for custom branding allows you to have a consistent visual experience, regardless of channel.

Dashboards & Reporting

Loop includes a suite of analytics, dashboards and reporting tools that your team can use to better understand the voice of the customer. In addition, Loop has the ability to export surveys and message data that you can use in your existing Business Intelligence solution.

Social Message Routing

The platform can auto-route inbound messages from Facebook and Twitter to the departments best equipped to respond. Your team can continue to engage on social while inbound questions are effectively addressed in a more timely and consistent manner.

Inbound Social Leads

Turn social media posts into inbound calls to action that support conversational commerce. Route messages and mobilize the right teams in key departments to respond to an inbound request for product support, reservations, information requests, pricing, and more.

Real-time Customer Insights

Learn more about customer preferences with real-time analytics and reporting capabilities. From understanding customer sentiment to trending topics from conversations, you can determine opportunities and adjust your marketing spend and resources effectively.

Unified Communications

Effectively manage customer conversations for a range of channels like Facebook, Twitter, Email, SMS, and more – all from one unified inbox. Improve response times while learning more about your customers to deliver a superior experience in line with their expectations.

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