Loop for Human Resources

With the ability to send timely surveys to understand employee satisfaction and report on their sentiment in real-time, Loop® can help you keep a real-time pulse on the true employee experience across your organization.

Imagine Having

Reduced Employee Turnover

By measuring the employee experience across your business, isolating problems, and correcting areas impacting employee dissatisfaction.

Engaged Employees

With the ability to express a concern, share a comment, or provide feedback on their daily work – across a variety of channels.

A Customer-Focused Culture

By bringing real-time customer feedback data into the work experience, to promote friendly competition and a more customer-centric culture.

Key Benefits

Build Better Employee Surveys

With Loop, you can deploy a combination of binary, employee satisfaction (ESAT) and Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys across your organization. A suite of analytical and reporting tools make understanding employee sentiment easy and actionable, with all information reported in real-time.

Real-Time Employee Insights

Loop comes with a dashboard and multiple real-time data visualization tools. You can understand the general sentiment, be alerted of problem areas, understand success with employee recovery, and more. Since the data is updated in real-time, you can be more responsive to employee issues and continuously improve.

Build a Customer-centric Culture

Loop collects customer feedback on their experience and uses it to motivate and engage your teams. From real-time scoreboards that gamify the workplace and fosters friendly competition to daily email digests of the previous day’s performance. With Loop, you can make sure teams truly understand how they are performing and the key areas to improve.

Key Features

Employee Engagement

Loop can help you increase team efficiency and make the workplace a fun and engaging experience. Using real-time data from customers, teams can adjust their behavior to continuously enhance the customer experience and be more engaged in their work.

Real-Time Feedback

The platform can relay responses from employee surveys instantly, so you can understand sentiment in real-time to better identify areas for improvement. You can even tag and route feedback to the right manager, to communicate and resolve any issues immediately.

Onboarding Effectiveness

Measure the true effectiveness of your employee onboarding programs. You can map surveys and feedback to your onboarding process and obtain a better understanding of opportunities to improve the employee experience during their critical early days.

Trending Topics

Feedback and messages can be analyzed in real-time to identify opportunities to improve the overall employee experience. This can help identify trends and resolve disputes internally while providing the insights you need to develop stronger and more relevant long-term HR strategies.

Better Training

By using feedback and data gathered from both the customer and employee journey, you can understand the areas where employees need more or less training. Loop can help you be more focused and deploy training that will have the greatest impact.

Gamifying Scoreboards

Loop can share insights in real-time to promote friendly competition amongst teams. Our scoreboards share real-time data directly from the customer in a manner that helps gamify the workplace and foster a customer-centric culture focused on superb service.

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