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Who We Are

What does Benbria do?

Benbria specializes in capturing real time customer feedback for location based operations. We have a few ways to capture this feedback including Loop CX, Loop Inbox, Loop Scoreboard, Loop OnDemand

What makes Benbria different from other companies?

Benbria makes it easy to engage with your customers on multiple platforms and we have a wide range of solutions to best capture customer feedback. 

What are your business hours?

We are open Monday to Friday: 9am – 5pm EST. Our sales and customer success team will try to accommodate you if your business operates under different hours. 

What We Do

How does Loop CX work?

Loop CX is our main platform, it is our survey creator. You can distribute these surveys through QR codes, tent cards or through the use of one of our stand up units (10x increase in survey responses). This comes with a dashboard so you are able to login and monitor results. If you are interested in learning more about Loop CX click here

How does Loop Scoreboard work?

Loop Scoreboard is used in addition to Loop CX. This provides real time feedback to your customer support team to show them what customers think of their performance. If you are interested in learning more about Loop Scoreboard click here

How does Loop Inbox work?

Loop Inbox is your one stop shop for all your messaging platforms. You can communicate and answer all your customer questions from one convenient location and from their preferred communication channel. If you are interested in learning more about Loop Inbox click here

How does Loop OnDemand work?

Much like Loop Scoreboard, Loop OnDemand is an addition to Loop Inbox. Loop OnDemand allows you to create a tailored menu that is unique to your business and be able to fulfill customer requests quicker. This helps boost a seamless customer experience that improves the customer’s experience within your brand. If you are interested in learning more about Loop OnDemand click here

How much does Loop cost?

This depends on your business and what you want to use the platform for! If you want a quote click here to fill out a quote request and someone from our sales team will get back to you. 

I’m not sure if your product(s) will work for my business, how will the Loop Platform  work for my business needs?

As long as you have a location based operation (a physical location that customers come to visit you at) then we are the right product for you! 

What solution is right for me?

That entirely depends on your business and business needs! To discuss with our sales team what solution is best for you and your company, fill out the form below and someone will reach out to you!

Do you guys offer a free trial?

Unfortunately no, because most of our packages involve hardware we aren’t able to do Free Trials. Depending on your business needs, if you sign on with enough locations, a location discount can be discussed with our sales team.

How does your product work within a certain industry?

We have pages that are dedicated to all of our key industries and have also put together a few videos to better describe how the Loop Platform fits into certain industries. 

Do you guys have any more videos to help better understand Loop?

We sure do! 


My survey isn’t working anymore, what do I do?

If you notice something wrong with any Loop products, please contact our customer success team immediately at

I don’t understand the tech jargon, help?

We have a comprehensive list of industry terms to help you understand that world of SaaS (Software As A Service), because we know it can get a little confusing! Click here for the complete list. 

How long does it take to implement? 

Once we have worked out exactly what solution is best for you and the contract is signed, it takes about 4 weeks for your deployment to go live. 

I want to add more locations to my existing contract, how do I do this?

Reach out to our customer success team and depending on what you are looking to do they will either set you up with another location or send you over to sales to increase your contract. 

Do you offer live chat support?

Yes! See the little green circle on the bottom right of your screen? Click that and start up a live chat with one of our Customer Success Team members!

The main account contact has left, how do we update the account?

Send an email to they will make sure that the account get updated with the correct information. 


Receive a personalized demo from a customer experience specialist.

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