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Hotel Guest App + Customer Feedback and Messaging

Benbria’s Loop Experience Platform and Criton’s Digital Hotel App provides a seamless integration by offering real time guest messaging and survey features to an app created specifically for your hotel. 

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Criton enables you to digitize your guestbook and create your very own hotel app that will let you engage with your guests, save money and earn more from every booking. Criton puts you in complete control of your guest experience and gives you access to the same technology that the big chains already adopt.

With The Loop Experience Platform, manage guest feedback including pre-stay, in-stay and post-stay by collecting guest feedback, measuring the guest experience at each moment of truth by engaging with guests on the channel of their choice. Guest experience data collected will be conveniently available, allowing users to understand guest sentiment and voice of guest at a glance, as part of the guest profile. 

With the Loop Experience Platforms solutions for Hospitality have the ability to collect feedback and messaging with hotel guests in real time. Integrating with the top hospitality applications, Loop is a natural addition to any hotel’s tech stack to improve the guest experience from booking to check-out. 

Customer Success Story

Cheval Collection uses the Loop Experience Platform integrated into the Criton App to enhance customer experience for their luxury brand. 

Why an Integrated Solution?

The Loop Experience Platform and Criton: Better Together

Manage the Experience

Manage the guest experience pre-stay, in-stay and and post-stay as it relates to loyalty satisfaction and effort.

Collect Data

Collect data to gain visibility to better understand your guest and their needs. 

Personalized Experience

Provide personalized experiences by engaging guests through their entire journey.

Real Time Insights

Gather insights and identify problems and resolve them quickly with real time data collection

Workflow Efficiencies

Create workflows that will automate collection and engagement for increased efficiencies. 


Collect feedback through multiple channels including web, kiosk, SMS and email. 


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