Tips and Tools: Creating an Engaging Loop Pulse™ Survey Experience

The survey presented on your brand’s Loop Pulse™ kiosk or mobile experience is a critical component of driving program success. The questions you ask determine the insights you gain from your consumers, therefore it’s imperative you create a survey that’s quick to fill out yet impactful.

Here are our tips and tools to creating an effective survey on your Loop Pulse™ solution:

Assign to Appropriate Languages and Locations

Make sure when setting up your kiosk and mobile environment that you set the languages and the locations appropriately. With Loop, you can set up multiple languages to specific locations in order to fit the needs of your customers, just make sure they fit the demand.

On the Locations page in the administration portal Loop allows you to select multiple languages to be enabled for a specific location. Users can also select their language directly from the Inbox UI, and customers can select the language from the kiosk UI for locations where more than one language is activated.

Optimize for the Guest Experience

The number of questions (we recommend up to four) and the content can be customized. The questions you ask should be tailored to optimize the guest experience when providing feedback. You may have things you want to measure but if you want guests to participate, there needs to be something in it for them a well.

Think of questions and answers that would make the experience better for the customer, such as: time to receive service, cleanliness of your facilities, or the overall friendliness of the employees they meet. All of these components can add or detract from your business, and therefore should be considered when building out your survey with Loop.

Note: Changing question categories or semantics after you’ve launched your program may impact reporting data. Make sure to contact support if you decide to change things up to ensure your long-term data goals are not negatively impacted.

Keep it Short

Customers don’t want to be bombarded reading long or complex questions that they don’t understand. Keep the questions concise, a few words only, so that it is easy for a customer to look at it and answer without having to decipher the question being asked.

For instance, “Was the dining area clean and comfortable for enjoying your meal?”. V. “Was the restaurant clean?”

If they have to stare at the kiosk or their mobile device for more than 5 seconds or find it hard to rate, you might need to re-evaluate the questions you are asking.

Keep Them Fresh

If you have guests that come in on a regular basis they can get easily tired of answering the same redundant questions.

To keep things fresh, try using a cycle of interesting questions. Whether it be a whole new question or the same one phrased differently, providing creative and different versions will entice your guests to keep giving their input each time they visit.

Thinking strategically with your survey questions is a great way to receive optimal insights from Loop Pulse , so use these tips and tools to keep it as an effective tool for gauging the guest experience. Remember, our customer success team is available to help as well. If you have a question about optimizing your current survey, simply ask!

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