Loop Experience Platform

The Loop Experience Platform enables you to collect feedback from various touchpoints throughout the customer experience. It enables you to engage with customers in real-time, and analyze the data collected, allowing customers to make data driven decisions. The platform is designed to help you determine how to improve the overall customer experience within your business. 


Omni-Channel Engagement

Loop enables omni-channel engagement and allows you to be on the channels that your customers are. Making it easier to collect feedback from customers.  We offer a range of traditional, digital and social channels integrations allowing you to respond to customers from one convenient platform. 


Location Driven

Locations within Loop are used for both routing feedback to team members and reporting. This allows you to customize the teams, surveys, escalation procedures, reporting, or automated engagement activities suitable for the unique customer experience at each location.


Measure Customer Experience

Loop CX provides customer experience surveys, making it easy to collect customer feedback and respond to the feedback provided. By conducting surveys you show your customers that you care about their opinions, which increases customer loyalty and helps reduce churn. Close the loop on feedback customer provide by giving them the option to have you respond to their feedback, giving you a chance to address customer concerns directly. 


Inbound Messaging

Loop Inbox® enables you to simplify responding to customer questions from one convenient platform. By combining all your messaging channels, it allows you to respond to customers quickly, helping reduce churn and address customer concerns in real time. Loop Inbox allows you to set up automatic responses, saving your team time on responding to frequently asked questions.


Outbound Messaging

Loop allows you to import contacts by integrating with existing systems or through a simple CSV upload. Contacts can be filtered and saved as segments and then used to engage with customers in a targeted and personalized manner. You can even automate engagement to send different surveys or messages at key moments in their unique journey.


Automate Complaint Handling

Loop Tickets™ allows you to more effectively manage complaints and quickly close the loop with customers. They allow you to respond to customer feedback and report on issues throughout your business. Enable customers to quickly report if an area of your business is dirty, need maintenance or have garbage removed. This helps to show customers that you care about the cleanliness of your business and improve the overall customer experience. 


Insights & Dashboards

Loop Insights™ is an add-on product, that can be combined with any of our core products (Loop CX®Loop Inbox®, or Loop Tickets™). It is made up of 2 categories Loop Dashboard Projects and Loop Scoreboard™ Projects. f Dashboards is the best way to gain an in-depth analysis of data collected and Scoreboard enables frontline staff to see their performance in real time. 



Loop allows you to seamlessly integrate the platform with other systems. Meanwhile, our SDK for mobile simplifies the embedding of surveys into apps for developers, making Loop a highly flexible and scalable platform.

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Routing & Escalations

Loop comes with routing rules which can send survey responses and conversations to specific team members based on any combination of location and tag. It can also be configured to ensure that conversations are escalated to the correct team members based on a variety of criteria – including customer sentiment, time to respond, and more.