Brand Loyalty: The Last Day of HITEC 2016

The fourth and last day of HITEC 2016 was all about lessons of entrepreneurship and strategies for building a loyal customer base. As the trade show wound down and exhibitors dismantled their booths, conference-goers settled in for the closing keynote.

From the start, it was clear that conference-goers were most excited to hear from Johnny Earle, the founder and CEO of Johnny Cupcakes, which brands itself as “the world’s first t-shirt bakery.” The company’s moniker is based on a nickname given to Earle by his co-workers when he was employed at a comic shop, and the cupcake and crossbones motif splashed across its apparel comes from t-shirts he made as a joke while he was touring with his former band, On Broken Wings.

Over the years, Johnny Cupcakes has amassed a cult following. Earle’s die-hard fans camp outside his stores and some even get tattoos of the cupcake and crossbones. And so, as he took the stage for his keynote, Earle emphasized the importance of loyalty to oneself and one’s customers in building a successful brand.

HITEC 2016 covered many topics — too many for one person to take in over just a handful of days— but Hotel Management magazine summed up the four biggest hospitality tech trends from the show.

And then it was over! Those who attended were elated at the show’s success, sad that it was finished, and — most important — looking forward to next year’s show in Toronto.

We at Benbria want to thank HFTP for a stellar conference, and everyone who stopped by our booth to see what Loop is all about. If you weren’t able to meet with us during the conference, never fear — you can still request a demo through our website!

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